Winter Walk

Since winter has arrived full force in much of the country, I thought I would share some photos I took on a winter’s walk.  Hope you are staying safe and warm, enjoy!

All photos and artwork ©2018 Denny Martindale, All Rights Reserved


Parting Shot

Heron at GSMNP for web-Martindale Artworks

Thought I would wish everyone a safe and blessed weekend with this photo I took of a Great Blue Heron in an icy river in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a couple of years ago.  Stay warm!

All photos and artwork ©2018 Denny Martindale, All Rights Reserved

To Germany With Love

Once again a client in Bavaria asked if I could paint on a couple of buckets for her to give this Christmas as gifts for their children.  I said of course, and the hunt began for a couple of older buckets that were in decent shape.  Some of the old buckets are in bad shape and actually need to be reshaped, but these were pretty good.  They sent me some photos for reference, and I set to work prepping, painting and sealing.  I finished them in time to ship out (international shipping takes a very long time during the month of December, so when the post office says to get your item in the mail by December 1, they mean it!) and received notification that they had arrived in Germany.

Daughter’s Bucket



Son’s Bucket


The insides of the buckets are painted to have an antique metal appearance.  They are both coated in spar urethane.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on these pieces, and I just love the dress of the children and the flowers in their horse’s manes.  As always I was happy to hear they arrived and everyone loved them.  Thank you for looking and have a blessed day!

Interesting Painting

As an artist, I am asked to paint all kinds of things, on all kinds of things.  One of my most recent paintings had to do with a portrait.  It is not your average portrait, however.  A client asked if I could do a painting of their pond, or small lake, if you will.  I snapped a few photos and she selected the view from their kitchen window.  She wanted it exactly as they see it every morning.  I painted the picture, in pastels, and she said she couldn’t be more thrilled.  Most folks would call this a landscape.  Since I usually do portraits of pets and/or their people, I decided to create a new category.  Pond Portraits. 

copyright2008 Denny Martindale
copyright2008 Denny Martindale


      It was a nice project to do, and I look forward to doing more.  The client gave it to her husband for an anniversary gift.  They are planning on having me paint a series of “Lake Vernon” in the four seasons.  Should be interesting!  Does anyone else have any interesting paintings they have done?  Would love to hear from you.