Its Coming, Slow but Sure!

Azalea 2018

It really is coming, even though the calendar said it had arrived about three weeks ago.  I am talking about Spring, and it has had quite a challenge in getting here as Old Man Winter is not giving up without a fight this year.


The azalea above is in front of our house and has been adamant about blooming this year.  It started budding about a month ago and once the blooms started opening I covered it up as we were having freeze warnings many nights so far this spring.  If the buds hadn’t opened it would be ok, but as you can see, as of March 31st, it was in full bloom!

Red Tulips 18

I also wanted to share with you the wonderful red and green in this photo of some tulips my parents got us at Easter with a geranium blooming behind them.  It really brightens up the kitchen on these dreary days.  It is raining again here in Middle Tennessee, but like they say,

“April showers bring May flowers”!

Can’t wait!

Hope you have a color filled spring!

More Geraniums & Ivy

First of all, I am way behind on posts!  Busy but good summer, lot of humidity but up until today, we have been way below normal temps.  Like I said, until today.  We are definitely making up for it.  Now to get off the rabbit trail.

My client that I did the old door for was extremely pleased, and had also dropped off a large metal tub with a lid.  Someone called it an old double boiler, (if you know what it is, I would love to have you post it in the comments!), and it was beat up enough that the lid would just barely sit there, then if you bumped the tub it would fall in.

old metal tub, Denny Martindale
Good side of old metal tub

There were also a few rust spots, some that were pretty stubborn in the bottom.  I cleaned it up and bumped out the dents and actually got the lid where it sits pretty well.  We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do with it, when my client asked if I could put the geraniums and ivy on this piece too.  Once the bonding primer was on, I set to work painting it with latex house paint.

old metal tub, latex house paint
Geranium & Ivy tub

For the handles, lip, and inside of the tub and lid I painted it to look like old metal, maybe a weathered copper or old bronze look.  To complete the work I finished the insides and handles with a couple of coats of spar urethane to help protect against possible scratches, although care should still be taken with it.


old metal tub, latex house paint
View of inside of lid
old metal tub, latex house paint
Detail of Geranium & Ivy tub

I was rather pleased with the project as was my client.  Now on to the next project!  Look for the pastel portrait of a tabby cat I am finishing.  I think you will like it!  Happy painting!



Giving New Life to an Old Door

Old door, paint, decorative paint
Old door awaiting paint

One of my clients runs the High Horizons coffee shop at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.  It is located in the back at the stadium jumping complex which is a very busy place!  She brought an old door that came from a house that was built in the 1800s and asked if I could paint it a butter yellow with the panels being chalk board paint so they could use it to advertise their specials.  She also asked if I could paint a pot of geraniums with ivy at the bottom on both sides.  I have done flowers in the past, so I said I would give it a try.


Old door, paint, decorative paint
Old door with primer

Of course, there is always plenty of priming work to do, such as sanding down the old chalk board paint that was on one side, and removing the hardware which needed cleaning due to not having been removed before, then applying primer.

Old door, paint, decorative paint
Finished door
old door, paint, decorative paint
Detail of geraniums and ivy on old door

I then painted the geraniums and ivy on both sides which completed the door.  Thank you for viewing this rejuvenation project!