Touching Up

I finally got around to touching up the murals I painted in the hallways at our church, Grace Chapel Leipers Fork in Franklin, TN.  I initially set about touching up the newer mural painted in 2014.  This is the most traveled area so there were numerous little dings and chips in the paint.  The photos below are after the finishing touches.

Part 1 of mural 2 at Grace Chapel Franklin TN-Denny Martindale

Part 2 of mural 2 at Grace Chapel Franklin TN-Denny Martindale

I then moved to the opposite end of the hallway to the mural painted in 2003.  This was painted while the building was still under construction, as in no water or lights (thank you Mike Poole for letting us use your floodlights!) and working around contractors trying to finish the place up.  This was the second mural I had painted, and a large project, so I recruited Donna and Jodie (the two ladies that got me into this project) to help and it took about a week and a half to paint.

This mural had fewer issues, as this area is not used to the degree the other end is.  I started thinking and it dawned on me that I had never touched up this mural!  It was in great condition for its age.  I proceeded to touch it up and the final result is pictured below.

Part 1 of mural at Grace Chapel Franklin TN-Denny Martindale

Part 2 of mural at Grace Chapel Franklin TN-Denny Martindale


Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!

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Mural Part I, Before

Our church we attend, Grace Chapel, had asked me to do another mural for the hallway in the vicinity of the children’s classrooms.  I had done a couple of them before, and always enjoy seeing the kids faces light up when they see a mural, so I said yes.  The hallway led to a classroom, and then turned into a much narrower hallway.  They had the classroom and the narrow hall removed, and extended the wide hallway to another part of the building for better traffic flow.  Since the outside of the church resembles a barn, we continued the theme inside as well. 

Mural, Denny Martindale
Before the paint

The walls are approximately 20 feet long, and the mural is to extend around the far ends so it looks like barn doors.  Here are a couple of pictures with the background in:

mural, latex house paint, Denny Martindale
Background for right wall
mural, latex house paint, Denny Martindale
Background for left wall

Next time I will post the pictures of the completed mural.  Hope you all have a blessed week!

Surf Shop Mural

Surfing, beach painting, murals, latex house paint
Detail of Surf Shop Mural, left end

I have been updating my website over at Martindale Artworks lately and decided to add a category of my mural paintings.  This mural was done at our church, Grace Chapel in Leipers Fork, Tennessee.  They have one of the most outstanding youth programs I have ever seen in a church.

Surfing, latex house paint, beach mural, murals
Detail of Surf Shop Mural, right end

When construction began on the second phase of the building, Donna from the church staff contacted me about the Junior High room.  They were thinking about a  surf theme, and wondered what we could do with the enormous wall that would hold the projection screen.  I will put the exact length in later, but to give you an idea on size, in order to paint the top section I was nearing the top of the largest step ladder we could find.  There are thatched hut roofs on either end, and she asked what we could do to expand on that idea.  We came up with surf shops along the beach and the theme was ‘Glide’, which is projected on the screen in the bottom photo.

Surfing, latex house paint, murals, beach mural
Surf board detail on Surf Shop Mural

I had not done anything like this before, and thoroughly enjoyed the process.  One of the main issues was the projection screen:  it was already mounted and was in a fixed position.  How do we incorporate that into the mural?  We decided to make it appear as a large sign on the front of one of the shops.  I painted this while the building was still under construction, and the crews are always a pleasure to work with.  It must have turned out alright as the children in the class absolutely love to come to church to learn how to ‘glide’ with Jesus!

surfing, beach mural, murals, latex house paint
Finished Surf Shop Mural (ends are cropped off as I could only go back so far)