It’s Show Time!

Last month I posted the patriotic bucket I made that a friend bought from me.  She then asked if I would paint six more for the upcoming horse show her Quarter Horse organization was putting on in May. They were for the Small Fry classes (basically kids classes) and they would have the class silhouette on the front and the show logo on the back.  I said I would and worked on them diligently so I would have them done in plenty of time before deadline, which I did.

My friend invited me to the show, so I snapped a few photos of the buckets and the kids that would receive them.

Here are the photos from the Lucky 7 Classic Quarter Horse Show held in Murfreesboro, Tennessee this year:

horse shows, awards, trophies, metal art
Front of the buckets

These show the buckets that were used for the trophies for the Small Fry classes at the show.  Each one is hand painted in latex house paint.  They filled the buckets with horse treats and peppermints.

horse shows, metal art, awards
Back of buckets
awards, trophies, metal art
Awards on display in show office


Horse shows, awards, judging
And the winner is…

Here are the entrants to the Western Pleasure class awaiting the judges decision.  It was hectic in the awards area, so I did not get a good shot of the winner, but they were quite happy!  Again, you just never know where something may lead…



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