Redoing a Mural

Back in 2003, two other artists and I painted some murals in our church for the children’s classrooms.  I primarily concentrated on painting outside the rooms to make it look like the inside of a barn.  Many of the rooms have dutch style doors to them, so I painted animal heads as though they were looking out of their stall at you.

Since then, a school has opened up in the church building, which meant the classrooms all have to have a window from the hall in each room.  Each one had it except the room with the horse head on the door.  I had painted the wall so you could also see his back above the stall wall.  The entire painting created a dilemma:  what part of the horse would be cut out to put a window in?  One of the pastors came to me to ask if I might be able to repaint the horse’s head, and they could put the window in the door.  I said I could.  Now, where to put his head?


As you can see, the window completely took out his head.  And yes, everything in this photo except the two doorknobs, the window, and the door frame is painted with latex house paint.  You also can’t tell from the photo, but there is an angled wall on the right side of the ‘post’ that cuts the body of the horse in two.  I thought for quite a while, and finally came up with a plan.


Why not have him looking at the children as they entered their classroom?  So I took this past Monday morning and painted over the neck of the other horse, then drew with chalk the new one.  I painted him in and I think it is actually a great composition under the circumstances.


This is the final photo of the completed mural.


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