Finally up and running!

Have you ever attempted to do something and been extremely frustrated, and you find yourself wondering if there really is any grey matter left up there?  This was my situation this winter as I have been busy creating a new website.  This has not been an easy task for me, giving full credence to the left brain/right brain discussion, but I kept at it and finally got it done.  My first website was an awesome thing in itself.  My good friend Lavana was the webmaster of my first site and did an absolutely FANTASTIC  job at creating it.  (I now have a tremendous appreciation for those that are able to build sites from the ground up and now know why they call it “code“)  Two things hindered me with it though, the monthly fee to have it running and my lack of computer knowledge to be able to run it myself, as in it took me three days to figure out how to change a photo (I paint, I don’t do code).

As artists, we are constantly wanting something on our websites changed, like photos, prices, you name it.  Often times on a daily basis.  I thought about long and hard and decided the proper thing to do would be to have one where I could easily do what I needed to myself.  I had started following Cory Huff with the Abundant Artist back in the fall and oiala!  Cory posted a blog about how to create one using WordPress.  Plus, it is easy for artists to use and it costs about a third of what I was already paying!!  Thank you God!!!  Even though it was still a bit of a challenge for me to get this up and running, Lavana helped me once again and I now have a beautiful site that I can work on myself, successfully.  Thank you Cory and Lavana!!  I have posted paintings, etc at least once a week, and even have the social sharing buttons on there.  (Fred reminded me that I forgot to put the facebook like button on there, so this morning I even fixed that!)

Now that I have told you my story about how I got this site, I hope you will visit it at And be sure to like us on facebook and twitter!  Remember, you can do this too!  Now to get painting!


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