Narrow Gate Foundry Pour

Last night I visited a very interesting place called Narrow Gate (  They are in southwest middle Tennessee, and their mission is to help young men find vision and purpose in their lives, while teaching Biblical principles that will help guide them for the rest of their lives.  They do this by teaching community living, wilderness  woodworking and turning, metal working, arts and crafts and a whole range of other skills, which they demonstrated at their annual festival yesterday, Bluegrass, Barbeque, and Blazing Metal.   On hand to assist with the demonstrations were the Tennessee Association of Woodturners and blacksmith Walter Howell.  The one that interested me the most was the foundry metal pour.

With the help of ACU Professor Goeff Broderick, the young men at Narrow Gate performed a foundry pour in which they made candle holders that they will sell as a fundraiser when finished.  They got the flames going around dusk, and by the time it was fully dark they were ready to pour.  It was quite an amazing site, as well as a wonderful accomplishment by a great group of guys.  The turnout was good, the music by highly acclaimed bluegrass musician Ron Block was excellent, and the barbeque by Steve Ford was outstanding.

Placing metal into the burner

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