She loved it!

Usually after completing a commissioned painting the client will pick it up either at my studio or I will deliver it to them.  More often than not it is a gift for someone so I don’t always get to meet the final recipient right away.

This last commission was a bit different with an interesting twist:  the client had ordered the painting as a surprise for his wife.  Upon completion, he asked if I could deliver it to her workplace.  I said sure, I’d be happy to.  With directions in hand, we drove to the location and I asked for her at the front desk.  She came in and looked at me with that “I know I know you from someplace look”.  I had waited on them at the restaurant I work at, and she was befuddled as to why I would be there.

I handed her the large box I had and told her I was supposed to give this to her.  She kept asking what it was, and had absolutely no clue as to what was inside.  She carefully opened it, read the card I had made with what her husband had me write, and lifted the foam cover.  She immediately started to tear up when she saw that it was her holding their beloved dog the day she got him as a puppy.  “Oh my gosh,” she said, “this is his favorite photo of us!”  She was extremely happy and asked questions about the painting and thanked me over and over.  I had to go, so I left hoping they both liked it as her husband had only seen it in a photo via email.

About twenty minutes later the client emailed me and said she was thrilled with the portrait.  She told him she was trying not to cry while I was there, (I am getting used to that) and was amazed at the detail.  I told him I hoped he liked it equally as well, and that she and I both agreed that he did a wonderful job in choosing a frame.

I always love to give people their paintings!  I love to see them as they look it over, as well as see their relationship with the giver deepen.  I feel the Lord speaks to us through art as well as nature, and I hope everyone can see the goodness He is constantly offering us!


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