Taking a hiatus, or, molding the clay

I am taking a hiatus of sorts from my art.  It’s not that I want to, but I want to, need to, because if the project we are working on works, then it will be soooo worth it.  Confusing, I know.  I am doing a few small things, but not so much.  One of the things I hate when I have a break like this is all the inspiration.  Or maybe I love that part.  When I do go back to painting after a break, I find I have learned and gleaned much more than first imagined.  I find I was studying things I really didn’t realize I was studying.  I know, still confused.

A break is always good for the soul, as it makes one reflect on what you are taking the break from.  In this instance, my art, may take a bit of a different direction one day down the road.  Or not.  I feel as though I am at a really big crossroads and am waiting for the light to change to signal me with where it is I am headed.  While I am waiting for the signal, I also feel as though I am a piece of clay, being molded for the next vessel of use.  I always look to God as my light, my signal, and He is very good at molding us into what He needs next.  I do love His signals, and am looking to see where He takes me next.  Sometimes it seems as though He has fogged over the intersection, and you can’t really see where you are going.  Other times, the signals are blaring in your face, waiting for you to put it in drive!  Meanwhile, I will contemplate, learn, and be shaped by the Creator who created first.  I can see He is giving me more inspiration again, and I think I should get out the sketch book to start corralling His ideas, while He keeps molding, prodding and poking.  I pray you are being molded as well!  Happy creating!


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