It’s a God nod!

Even though I am an artist, my day job is as a server in a restaurant.  The other night, a man left me a $5 bill, as crumpled and wadded up as his jacket was wrinkled.  I stuffed it into my apron pocket but it stayed floating at the top of the other tips I had neatly folded up.  As I entered the kitchen with a load of dishes, the manager shoved a radio into my tip pocket since the host was leaving for the evening.  After dropping off the dishes in the dish room, I proceeded to put on the radio to keep abreast of any guests that might come in during the last hour of the shift.

As we closed for the night, I pulled out my tips and counted them.  Wait, I had that wadded up $5.  But where was it?  I looked in every pocket I had, and four of us were looking in, around, and under everything.  No wadded up $5 or any other $5 for that matter.  “That must really be disappointing,” said the manager as we discussed the possibility of who might have found it and picked it up.  “Well, I am disappointed I didn’t take care of it like I should have,” I replied.  “I am hoping that whoever did find it needs it more than I did,” I said.  “That is a positive way of looking at it,” she exclaimed.  “It will come around again,” I said.  I went home and re-checked all of my pockets.  Nothing.  Oh well.

The next day, I washed and ironed all of my uniforms and aprons.  I was a little bummed that day as I had set aside most of that day to paint, hoping to finish a portrait.  However, I never did get to do any artwork whatsoever.  I just ended up with a bunch of things that needed my immediate attention.  I returned to work the next day, and put on the apron I had just brought from home.  Just as I was clocking in, a coworker gave me a wrapped piece of candy which I placed in my tip pocket to eat later.  As I placed it in the pocket, I felt a piece of paper.  That’s strange, I thought, I just washed and ironed this yesterday.  I always check all of the pockets of everything that has pockets, as there is always an ink pen, candy, or something that does not belong in the washing machine.  No one else had even handled the apron.  As I pulled out the “paper”, I was in awe to find a crisp, new $5 bill inside!  I had not even waited on a table yet, so it was not a tip from that day.  The others that were present when I had ‘lost’ it to begin with were blown away.

I told a good friend of mine, and she said she loves to hear about God nods.  Yes, I believe God does “nod” to us that, yes, He is always with us, and His blessings are always near.  I love it when He shows His greatness, even if it is only in a $5 bill!



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