There’s a new diner in town

If you are driving in the area of Dickson, TN, you might want to try the Ace Diner on Main Street.  It opened in April, 2010 and is a place for really good eats!  We happened to stop by yesterday, and were glad we did! 

 Rumor? has it that Thomas Edison visited there, well, not recently, but you know what I mean.  It used to be a pharmacy, but the owners have totally redone the place.  They took it back to the turn of the century (that is, the twentieth, not the more recent twenty first turn) to the original floors and walls.   The coffee is great, and the burger was fabo.  My husband had a fritatta with breakfast potatoes.  He thoroughly enjoyed them.  We also understand that if you don’t get there at a decent time on Sunday, they will probably run out of Kate’s scrumptious carrot cake! 

If you are out for a spin, give Ace Diner in Dickson a whirl.  They also have items on their menu for kids, of all ages!


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