The Nothing (movie)

I had never thought of it before, but there is another interesting way to exhibit art.  Have you ever caught yourself looking at the art on the walls in movies, noticing how they make the setting, wondering who painted them, and then having to catch up to the story line?

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a friend of mine asking if I had any paintings I had done that matched certain criteria.  I said a couple of pieces came to mind, so he said to bring whatever I had to a certain location.  As it turns out, he and a few buddies have been filming a movie called The Nothing.  They needed artwork on the walls for a few scenes and I had just the pieces they wanted. 

  I am honored that they used my artwork in their movie.  I am also looking forward to the release of it, which should be sometime early next year.  By the way, it looks like a really good movie too.  You can check it out at or facebook The Nothing Movie.  There should be a trailer coming out soon.  Congrats to the guys at Released Pictures LLC and all those who had a part.  God Bless!


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