It’s Hot (and how are your pets?)

I say pets, but in reality this is for everyone!  Water should be first and foremost.  I actually met a lady yesterday that said she does not like water and won’t drink it.  Hope she has a good liver and kidneys.  Stay hydrated.  Keep your pets hydrated as well. 

It is also important to keep the water as fresh as possible.  Keep in mind that mosquitos like any standing water they can find as well.  Mosquitos carry a numer of diseases, such as West Nile Virus.  Guess what enhances the virus’ ability to replicate itself faster?  Heat, such as the likes that we have been seeing lately.  If you have any standing water that is not benefiting anything, you might consider getting rid of it or changing it frequently. 

Of course, it goes without saying that shade is important for pets too.  If you must take your children or pet in a vehicle, please leave the windows down a bit, but in this heat it is better off for them that you don’t take them at all. 

I like to hose our animals (not the cats mind you) off when the temps are high.  The horses just love it.  A brief respite from the heat never hurt anyone.  You can just see them relax as if they are at a day spa!  To dry we put them in their stalls with all of the barn doors and windows open, and some sort of open air gate instead of the big solid stall doors to keep the air moving.  Throw in a flake of hay and a bucket of water and they will rest for hours.  When ours are turned out after a day at the spa, they are so refreshed, they thunder off to the pasture happy.

The dog doesn’t like the hose shower and fusses all through it, but once it is over, she is so happy and refreshed she can’t contain it.  A grape flavored popsicle seals the deal making it something she might consider letting you do again. 

I am sure you have heard plenty about alcohol and heat, but everything in moderation is your best bet.  You do not get water intake with alcohol, so don’t count that as your hydrating liquid.  Sorry to disappoint, but coffee doesn’t count either.  A good berry smoothie, iced tea, or just good ole plain water is great.

A lot of folks are hitting the water to beat the heat.  If you do, you cannot be told enough to wear a life jacket if you are boating or jet skiing, etc.   Last weekend there were at least four water related deaths in middle Tennessee.  If my facts are correct, none of them were wearing life jackets and every one of them would have had a chance if they had been. 

Please be safe out there, and take a couple of extra minutes to check on people and pets, change water, give water, make sure no one is left in vehicles, put a life jacket on, or whatever you can do to help make it a great summer, even if it is hot!


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