In the zone

Out there, in deep, really into it, in the zone.   This is the time when you are so into whatever it is you are doing.  It is a state when you just blend in, you don’t fight it, and things happen.  Maybe you are running, training a horse, playing music, dancing or painting a picture.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Many people say it is a release, letting go of the built up stress, similar to meditation.  I say it is something different.

I go to this place nearly every time I paint.  It is as though the rest of the world does not exist.  One thing I find fascinating is that it is as if something (or someone) else is moving my hand.  I get so lost in painting that it can turn dark outside and I have no idea.  I believe I am actually connecting with God, that He has created this other worldly plane and has invited me to visit.  I am aware of what I am painting, but it suddenly starts to come together, almost as if it is progressing without my help.  It is a most wonderful feeling to suddenly sit back and think, “Oh, that is where we are with this”.   Even sound is not the same.  I never tire of it, and it is always new and refreshing.  Call it intense concentration, or maybe a passion.  I still say it is the invitation of God to spend time with Him using one of the gifts He has supplied.  It is just an amazing place! 

However, there is just one problem with it.  Time seems as though it stands still, but it really doesn’t.  The next thing you know, you are late for an appointment.  I must set a timer of some sort that will jar me back to reality if I have to tend to something else at an appointed time.  I usually don’t like this part, but it is a must.  Besides, you can’t live there permanently.  I thoroughly enjoy my time with God.  While it is not the only way by any means to spend time with Him, it is a good way.  I hope you can find your “passion” and spend some time with Him in this fashion also.


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