More on Nashville weather

Well, we have had more flash flood warnings for the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area today, two weeks after the horrible floods.  So far, for the first half of May, we have received more than 19″ of rainfall.  This is 5″ shy of  half of our average annual rainfall!  There is more rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday. 

Many are in need of help, and if you wish to help you can visit (Hands On Nashville, which is spearheading relief efforts), , and also the area animal shelters in Davidson and the surrounding counties as many people have had to abandon or give up their pets.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!


One thought on “More on Nashville weather

  1. gabriel black

    Ohw.. this is so tragic. Indeed, the forces of nature is inevitable. Thanks for posting. I’m in the Philippines and i just heard the news of such calamities. I wish I could donate to help them out but we’re still on rising up from the same disaster. But I’ll pray for everybody there. Again, let me insert my link –

    I’m working as SEOer and this would really help me achieve my quota.

    Thank you and God bless You.


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