Tennessee floods and a warning

It has finally quit raining  here in Middle Tennessee, this is the third day in a row of sunshine.  We received 16.25 inches of rain in about 36 hours.  A lot of flooding has occurred, so please pray for those that have been affected by the flood waters.  Some roads have had sections completely washed out. 

Many livestock were loose as the floodwaters ravaged fences.  All three major interstates were closed most of the weekend.  There are numerous creeks and streams around here, and many are very inconspicuous.  However,  they can rise very quickly, and, if the current is swift enough, 2: of fast moving water can move a car.  Please, if you come upon water crossing the road, turn around, don’t drown!  Not only will the current of the water cause a problem, but the road could be totally undermined and collapse as you drive on it.  I just returned from the funeral home for a friend of mine who was trying to help others and did not make it over a small stream that had flooded.  There were over 650 water rescues in the Nashville alone on Saturday and Sunday, and they were still conducting them on Monday. 

Homes and businesses are flooded.  Opryland Hotel and LP Field (or whatever they are calling it today) are flooded as well.  Some folks are displaced from their home, some from their place of work, many from both.  We will recover, but everyone’s prayers are needed.  It will definitely be a long road for many.


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