Antiques Road Show

I enjoy watching the Antiques Road Show on PBS.  As an artist, I am always interested and amazed with the artwork shown and their estimated values.  Many pieces are beautiful masterpieces, such as landscapes, portraits, you name it.  Others are things one might wonder (depending on taste) how they survived through the years.  The values are astounding, and the owners are either overjoyed or in shock. 

Tonight, a lady had a painting on that was beautifully done by a lesser known artist that had been in her family for many many years.  When the appraiser gave the value, it was probably the lowest value I have seen on this show for that size artwork.  The only problem with the piece was not actually the piece itself.  It was the fact that the artist was so prolific, meaning he produced a high number of paintings.  The value was still good, and the owner was pleased, as she was aware that he had quite a few pieces out in the market.  She said it would still hang above their fireplace to be passed down to her heirs.

Many artists are very prolific, and this does affect value.  However, artists don’t create art with the value in mind, even though they would probably like to sell it.  It is the process of creating, as the artist will probably never see the so-called value.  If an artist is capable of being prolific, I personally think that is wonderful, and they should create to their hearts desire!


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