My grandmother passed away recently.  I have been reflecting on her life and realized what we will all miss out on.  She was 99 and lived a good life.  She rode in a covered wagon as a little girl, picked cotton, even herded cattle to the mud hole by the river to treat them for pests.  She rode horseback to school everyday.  Needless to say, she saw more changes than many of us ever will.  She and my grandfather worked hard to raise their family.  He worked different shifts, often seven days a week.  She raised the chickens and kept their four children and house in order.  They saw the automobile come of age, men on the moon, televisions turn on, the installation of telephones in every home, plus other events too numerous to count.  I am sure that doesn’t sound like much to miss out on.  However, our lives pale in comparison.  She also saw families that loved each other, helped each other, had fun together.  Neighbors got together to help each other, have dinner together, mourn together. 

      She always mentioned that people needed to get right with God, and start living for Jesus.  While I attended a non-denominational church with my grandparents occasionally, I didn’t get it.  As a teenager, I kind of started to get it, but rejected it.  I still didn’t really understand.  She spoke of salvation, but I never thought it applied to me.  Plus, I could twist everything around to fit what I thought was right.  About 10 years ago I finally got it.  Salvation!  I actually understood what it is she was talking about. 

     That being said, I can’t believe where we are here in America.  Everyone hollers about how we need “Change!”  “Freedom!”.  What needs to change?  Is life that bad?  I can’t believe how many people have everything they need and are totally unhappy.  Sure, we need to work on the government, but not in the way some are suggesting.  We live in one of the richest nations, we have food, we have freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms.  We come and go as we wish, vote, have our own home, make money, etc.  What more can someone ask for?  Robots do much of the hard work, we don’t walk anyplace anymore, families are broken, neighbors like to tick each other off, and we don’t have room for any more stuff to keep up with the Jone’s on.  Our children have the poorest health ever recorded in this nation’s history.  There is no self respect, so how can one respect others?  Personal responsibility and common sense are apparently against the law now.  The “big change” has to start from within.  The only thing I see a lot of people lacking is salvation through Jesus Christ.  I know this is not popular with many, and may even offend some.  However, if you give Christ a chance, He will open your eyes.  He will give you a peace you have never known.  If you delve into His Word, you will find the exact times we are living in as well.  His Word says “A house divided will not stand”.  If you would like to know more, please visit your local church, or, you can visit to learn more.


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