Interesting Painting

As an artist, I am asked to paint all kinds of things, on all kinds of things.  One of my most recent paintings had to do with a portrait.  It is not your average portrait, however.  A client asked if I could do a painting of their pond, or small lake, if you will.  I snapped a few photos and she selected the view from their kitchen window.  She wanted it exactly as they see it every morning.  I painted the picture, in pastels, and she said she couldn’t be more thrilled.  Most folks would call this a landscape.  Since I usually do portraits of pets and/or their people, I decided to create a new category.  Pond Portraits. 

copyright2008 Denny Martindale
copyright2008 Denny Martindale


      It was a nice project to do, and I look forward to doing more.  The client gave it to her husband for an anniversary gift.  They are planning on having me paint a series of “Lake Vernon” in the four seasons.  Should be interesting!  Does anyone else have any interesting paintings they have done?  Would love to hear from you.


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